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Benji Evans

Post by Wilz on Sat Dec 03, 2011 5:12 pm

12. Benji Evans
32 y/o (R11, D3) | 140,719 CSR (-360) | $12,827 p.w. | 198cm | 89kg | New Zealand
Right handed, right footed, in satisfactory form .
A timid player with flawless discipline, satisfactory leadership, and reputable experience.
Energy: Fit 59%
Stamina: Marvelous Handling: Grand
Attack: Grand Defense: Marvelous
Technique: Limited Strength: Limited
Jumping: Horrible Speed: Impressive
Agility: Reputable Kicking: Average

How much does anyone think I might be able to get for this guy on the TM?

As you can see he starting to lose CSR, first decrease last week, but from that level he has a few seasons left in him. Just think I'll be better of letting him go now if I can get a decent amount to give me some time to find a replacement.

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