U20 Eligible Back Row

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U20 Eligible Back Row

Post by cancerbum on Thu Jun 27, 2013 12:46 pm

Just pulled this guy, 50 stars. I would train him myself but I just don't have the training spaces available.


Eli Maher
17 years old | 32,158 CSR
Player ID 12794698
Nationality English
Salary $106,568 ($6,661 per week)
Weight 111kg
Height 185cm
Joined 27 Jun 2013 1:34pm
Birthday Round 1, Day 4

Left handed, left footed, in average form .
A collected player with controlled discipline, horrible leadership, and non-existent experience.
Energy: Perfect 105%
Stamina: Average 6 Handling: Satisfactory 7
Attack: Admirable 10 Defense: Impressive 11
Technique: Impressive 11 Strength: Admirable 10
Jumping: Moderate 5 Speed: Limited 4
Agility: Limited 4 Kicking: Horrible 3


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