3 players 2 oldies 1 205cm guy

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3 players 2 oldies 1 205cm guy

Post by seanand on Thu Jul 25, 2013 11:46 am

[url="http://www.blackoutrugby.com/game/club.squad.php#player=6447556"]vinny edgar[/ur] 30yr old still gaining and deadline at 9 tonight

[url="http://www.blackoutrugby.com/game/club.squad.php#player=12531353"]scott lanigan[/url] 21yr old 67kcsr 200cm

[url="http://www.blackoutrugby.com/game/club.squad.php#player=4589346"]Guy pegler[/url] 31 yrs 110k csr dropping 600, 205cm


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