back about to turn 20, 45k csr straight out of YA

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back about to turn 20, 45k csr straight out of YA

Post by Meeeeeeeat_ on Tue Jul 01, 2014 4:19 pm

Willem Lisieux
19 years old | 45,452 CSR

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46h 29m left to withdraw
Deadline: Fri 4 Jul 3:47:00pm
Current time: Tue 1 Jul 5:18:27pm
Player ID 13534024
Plays for Stafford Bulldogs RUFC
Nationality England
Salary $125,995 ($7,875 per week)
Weight 90kg
Height 181cm
Joined 1 Jul 2014 3:45pm
Birthday Round 7, Day 7

Jersey Premium
Right handed, right footed, in decent form Stable.
An aggressive player with collected discipline, moderate leadership, and horrible experience.
Energy: Fit %
Stamina: Sumptuous 13 Handling: Reputable 9
Attack: Decent 8 Defense: Princely 12
Technique: Princely 12 Strength: Moderate 5
Jumping: Limited 4 Speed: Satisfactory 7
Agility: Decent 8 Kicking: Satisfactory 7

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