Exceptional 21 y/o 203cm/123kg 140kCSR 111 TSP Coll/Flawless

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Exceptional 21 y/o 203cm/123kg 140kCSR 111 TSP Coll/Flawless

Post by Twinkletoes on Thu Jan 21, 2016 3:21 pm

Just popped this guy up for sale, he's a monster. On the radar of the Czech national team, if that's your thing. CSR increases in the 3000 range with level 5 training at the moment, and a few pops expected before he sells (I'm keeping him on his training, waiting for a new YA graduate.) Auction deadline 4th Feb.


Walter Svabensky
21 years old | 143,169 CSR
Weight 123kg
Height 203cm

Stamina: Grand 15
Handling: Amazing 14
Attack: Decent 8
Defense: Grand 15
Technique: Grand 15
Strength: Sumptuous 13
Jumping: Superior 16
Speed: Decent 8
Agility: Moderate 5
Kicking: Despicable 2

Happy bidding!

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