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Post by mmm on Sat Jun 02, 2012 2:49 pm

Jebediah Sellar
17 years old | 24,105 CSR

No bids yet
46h 51m left to withdraw
Deadline: Sat 9 Jun 14:38:00
Player ID 11737382
Plays for Putney Pirates
Nationality England
Salary $74,795 ($4,675 per week)
Weight 108kg
Height 199cm
Joined 29 May 2012 19:16
Birthday Round 12, Day 5

Right handed, right footed, in admirable form Stable.
A collected player with collected discipline, despicable leadership, and despicable experience.
Energy: Sprightly

Stamina: Average Handling: Reputable
Attack: Limited Defense: Reputable
Technique: Satisfactory Strength: Princely
Jumping: Decent Speed: Satisfactory
Agility: Horrible Kicking: Horrible

Posts : 267
Join date : 2011-12-20
Location : LA (no not that one)

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