Touting two 100kCSR forwards

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Touting two 100kCSR forwards

Post by matt_evans on Fri Jun 22, 2012 12:13 pm

I have a couple of young 100k CSR forwards that I'm looking to sell in order to bring finances in order. Let me know if you're interested and if we agree a sensible price I'll try to put whoever your interested on the TM at an appropriate time and cost.

Please note, I am genuinely looking to sell one or both as I need the funds, so if no one PMs me, they'll go on the market anyway, but with a mid-Saturday afternoon deadline

21. Marc Witheford

20 y/o (R3, D2) | 105,859 CSR (+563) | $12,179 p.w. | 183cm | 126kg | England

Right handed, right footed, in reputable form .
An aggressive player with collected discipline, limited leadership, and despicable experience.

Energy: Perfect

Stamina: Reputable Handling: Princely
Attack: Amazing Defense: Grand
Technique: Grand Strength: Grand
Jumping: Moderate Speed: Decent
Agility: Moderate Kicking: Horrible

26. Edwin Prance

23 y/o (R6, D6) | 117,162 CSR (+615) | $14,479 p.w. | 194cm | 120kg | England

Right handed, right footed, in average form .
A collected player with reckless discipline, satisfactory leadership, and limited experience.

Energy: Perfect

Stamina: Sumptuous Handling: Princely
Attack: Princely Defense: Grand
Technique: Grand Strength: Grand
Jumping: Reputable Speed: Admirable
Agility: Reputable Kicking: Despicable


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