Alex Greaves Less than 24 hrs left

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Alex Greaves Less than 24 hrs left

Post by Mega man al on Thu Nov 08, 2012 2:06 pm

Alex Greaves (For Sale)
26 y/o (R15, D4) 86,612 CSR (+717)
An aggressive player with rebellious discipline, satisfactory leadership, and average experience.
Energy: Supercharged 93%
Stamina: Grand Handling: Amazing
Attack: Princely Defense: Amazing
Technique: Decent Strength: Satisfactory
Jumping: Average Speed: Admirable
Agility: Admirable Kicking: Decent

Has a good few years left in him and will certainly turn around some struggling Div lV Div V team, only at 54K at the moment, don't miss out if you could snag him for 55k!
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