Adam Edwards - Openside Flanker

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Adam Edwards - Openside Flanker

Post by agrimsley on Thu Jul 26, 2012 10:26 am

I have just promoted to Div IV and have had a ridiculously tough league draw which is looking extremely likely to see me relegate back down. As such, I am thinking about cashing in on my openside prospect shown below. I would like to know people's thoughts on this appraoch as I am going to be promoting a couple of decent locks next week and I figure selling him would open up nets to train them up in time for my return to Div IV in 2 years hopefully. Following on from that, how much would people expect him to sell for?

Adam Edwards
19 years old, 48 930 CSR, $ 8 946 p/w, 179 cm, 107 kg
A player Collected (3) and Collected (3)
Leadership Average (6) and Experience Despicable (2).

Stamina: Reputable (9) Handling: Impressive (11)
Attack: Admirable (10) Defense: Sumptuous (13)
Technique: Princely (12) Strength: Admirable (10)
Jumping: Limited (4) Speed: Decent (Cool
Agility: Satisfactory (7) Kicking: Limited (4)


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Re: Adam Edwards - Openside Flanker

Post by Jonny on Thu Jul 26, 2012 10:38 am

He's a nice player, if you sell him you're likely to get 200-300k I'd imagine, probably more.


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