Lightest player on Blackout Rugby at 68kg?

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Lightest player on Blackout Rugby at 68kg?

Post by Guest on Fri Dec 14, 2012 10:02 am

Thinking of placing a newly promoted youth onto the transfer market. He weighs in at just 68kg and have not seen anyone that light so far... Not the best for stats but thought I would see what the view of the market is before putting up for sale...


Darcy Atar
18 y/o (R10, D3) | 7,596 CSR | $2,398 p.w. | 186cm | 68kg | England

Left handed, left footed, in satisfactory form Increasing.
A conservative player with rebellious discipline, satisfactory leadership, and despicable experience.

Stamina: Satisfactory
Handling: Limited
Attack: Moderate
Defense: Limited
Technique: Horrible
Strength: Horrible
Jumping: Limited
Speed: Average
Agility: Decent
Kicking: Limited

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