Young backrow or maybe frontrow 18yrs 49k csr

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Young backrow or maybe frontrow 18yrs 49k csr

Post by mmm on Sat Oct 06, 2012 3:22 pm

Ghislain Bories
18 years old | 40,431 CSR
Player ID 12059195
Plays for Putney Pirates

Salary $114,448 ($7,153 per week)
Weight 120kg
Height 188cm
Joined 2 Oct 2012 2:47
Birthday Round 11, Day 3

Right handed, right footed, in decent form .
An aggressive player with reckless discipline, decent leadership, and despicable experience.
Energy: Energised %
Stamina: Princely Handling: Princely
Attack: Limited Defense: Decent
Technique: Admirable Strength: Princely
Jumping: Moderate Speed: Reputable
Agility: Average Kicking: Despicable

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Location : LA (no not that one)

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