Who to train?

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Who to train?

Post by stomalomalus on Thu Jul 14, 2016 12:14 pm

So I'm undecided who to train up. I have one slot for a flanker, and one will go to a youth player due to be promoted in 2 weeks. The third slot is between 3 players:

12. Cyril Babel Add Shortcut
22 y/o (R16, D1) | 172,413 CSR (+2,140) | £16,992 p.w. | 187cm | 98kg | England
Right handed, right footed, in admirable form Stable.
A conservative player with controlled discipline, decent leadership, and moderate experience.
Energy: Supercharged
Stamina: Superior 16 Handling: Grand 15
Attack: Amazing 14 Defense: Amazing 14
Technique: Sumptuous 13 Strength: Amazing 14
Jumping: Impressive 11 Speed: Grand 15
Agility: Impressive 11 Kicking: Limited 4

2. Emmett McLucas Add Shortcut
22 y/o (R7, D2) | 160,638 CSR (+1,938) | £15,783 p.w. | 183cm | 119kg | England
Right handed, left footed, in decent form Stable.
A collected player with reckless discipline, reputable leadership, and limited experience.
Energy: Supercharged
Stamina: Grand 15 Handling: Superior 16
Attack: Sumptuous 13 Defense: Amazing 14
Technique: Marvelous 17 Strength: Grand 15
Jumping: Decent 8 Speed: Admirable 10
Agility: Decent 8 Kicking: Moderate 5

Charles Cypher Add Shortcut
19 y/o (R2, D1) | 99,671 CSR | £11,921 p.w. | 178cm | 84kg | England
Right handed, left footed, in satisfactory form Stable.
A collected player with collected discipline, limited leadership, and limited experience.
Energy: Pumped
Stamina: Amazing 14 Handling: Amazing 14
Attack: Sumptuous 13 Defense: Sumptuous 13
Technique: Reputable 9 Strength: Admirable 10
Jumping: Reputable 9 Speed: Sumptuous 13
Agility: Impressive 11 Kicking: Reputable 9


Babel is my best centre and my 6th best player
McLucas is my best front row
Cypher has just been promoted and is due pops in Attack, Defense and Speed (no IGT at the end of season to push him to 14).

Only one slot (9 nets) is up for grabs...


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